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Last updated: April 2nd, 2024

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Assault on Precinct 13 (Carpenter)
Dekalog: Two (Kieslowski)
Showgirls (Verhoeven)
Invocation of My Demon Brother (Anger)
Dekalog: One (Kieslowski)
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (Hurwitz & Schlossberg)
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (Leiner)
Perfect Days (Wenders)
Amarcord (Fellini)
Wonka (King)
Dry Wood (Blank)
Rams (Hustwit)
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Weir)
Il Posto (Olmi)
The Player (Altman)
Paper Moon (Boddanovich)
Certain Women (Reichardt)
Punk Rock Vegan Movie (Moby)
The Little Rascals (Spheeris)
Green Room (Saulnier)
Birth (Glazer)
After Hours (Scorsese)
Your House is Mine (McCaughey)
Lars and the Real Girl (Gillespie)
Poor Things (Lanthimos)
Morvern Callar (Ramsay)
Funny Pages (Kline)
Modern Romance (Brooks)
Goodbye CP (Hara)
Saltburn (Fennell)
The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (Nicloux)
The Iron Claw (Durkin)

2024 ^

Curiosa (Jeunet)
The Mask (O’Malley)
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Oshima)
Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)
The Store (Wiseman)
24 Hour Party People (Winterbottom)
X (West)
Dream Scenario (Borgli)
Free Chol Soo Lee (Ha + Yi)
Mirror (Tarkovsky)
Next Goal Wins (Waititi)
Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill (Brown + Lindstrom)
Scarecrow (Schatzberg)
House (Obayashi)
Kuroneko (Shindo)
John Wick (Stahelski)
Hour of the Wolf (Bergman)
Carnival of Souls (Harvey)
Ginger Snaps (Fawcett)
Small Town Ecstasy (Blumenfield)
A Dog’s Life (Chaplin)
Buffalo 66 (Gallo)
Heat (Mann)
The Late Shift (Thomas)
Tales from the QuadeaD Zone (Turner)
The Trouble with Harry (Hitchock)
A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Spielberg)
Barbie (Gerwig)
Dead Presidents (Hughes)
The Conformist (Bertolucci)
Oppenheimer (Nolan)
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus (Gainsbourg)
Mo’ Better Blues (Lee)
Red Desert (Antonioni)
Good Bye, Lenin! (Becker)
Glengarry Glen Ross (Foley)
Astroid City (Anderson)
The Doom Generation (Araki)
Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion (Hughes)
Perfumed Nightmare (Tahimik)
Road House (Herrington)
Windy City Heat (Goldthwait)
The All-Round Reduced Personality - Redupers (Sanders)
Ratcather (Ramsay)
Yeast (Bronstein)
Juliette of the Herbs (Streeten)
Bad Lieutenant (Ferrara)
Cyclone Valley Ceramics (Kuchar)
Weather Diary 5 (Kuchar)
Sick of Myself (Borgli)
Meet Me in the Bathroom (Lovelace + Southern)
Happy-Go-Lucky (Leigh)
A Tale of Springtime (Rohmer)
Whiteboyz (Levin)
There’s Something About Mary (Farrelly)
Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 60s in Brussels (Akerman)
J’ai Faim, J’ai Froid (Akerman)
Odd Man Out (Reed)
Fire of Love (Dosa)
Late August, Early September (Assayas)
The African Desperate (Syms)
A Fish in the Bathtub (Micklin Silver)
My Cousin Vinny (Lynn)
Beau is Afraid (Aster)
A Letter to Uncle Boonmee (Weerasethakul)
Cactus River (Weerasethakul)
Blue (Weerasethakul)
Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Ming-liang)
Derrida (Dick + Kofman)
The Cherry Tree with Gray Blossoms (Haneda)
PVT Chat (Hozie)
What Times Is It There? (Ming-liang)
The Future (July)
Jisoe (Martin)
Beware of a Holy Whore (Fassbender)
Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm (Willis + Maiellaro)
Mamma Roma (Pasolini)
Take Out (Baker + Tsou)
The Witches of the Orient (Faraut)
House of Tolerance (Bonello)
Loose Ends (Burton Morris + Wozniak)
Decision to Leave (Chan-wook)
Angel’s Egg (Oshii)
Ex Libris: New York Public Library (Wiseman)
You’ve Got Mail (Ephron)
Lilya 4-ever (Moodysson)
Before Midnight (Linklater)
Before Sunset (Linklater)
0’s & 1’s (Kotlyarenko)
Full Moon in Paris (Rohmer)
Project Space 13 (Bilandic)
Secretary (Shainberg)
A.W. A Portrait of Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Jessup)
A Wonderful Cloud (Kotlyarenko)
Tropical Malady (Weerasethakul)
Actual People (Zauhar)
Before Sunrise (Linklater)
I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore (Zahedi)
Being There (Ashby)
Wilmington 10 -- U.S.A. 10,000 (Gerima)
A Brighter Summer Day (Yang)
On-Gaku: Our Sound (Iwaisawa)
The Cranes are Flying (Kalatozov)
Polyester (Waters)
Les Rendez-vous d’Anna (Akerman)
Three Colours: Red (Kieślowski)
Three Colours: White (Kieślowski)
Three Colours: Blue (Kieślowski)
Wittgenstein (Jarman)
Tar (Field)
Cold Water (Assayas)
Sherman’s March (McElwee)
All The Beauty and the Bloodshed (Poitras)
F-LIST (Megsuperstarprincess)
You People (Barris)
All That Breathes (Sen)
The Menu (Mylod)
The Nutty Professor (Shadyac)
EO (Skolimowski)
Persona (Bergman)
Rewind & Play (Gomis)
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen’s (Pulcini + Berman)
Crash (Cronenberg)
Poor Clare (Reddan)
Air Doll (Koreeda)
This Place Rules (Callaghan)
Greenberg (Baumbach)

2023 ^

Kapital World (Chin Moe)
Bullet Train (Leitch)
Chinese Medicine Master: Li Jiren (Wang & Cunningham)
Asakusa Kid (Hitori)
The Lives of Others (Henckel von Donnersmarck)
Titane (Ducournau)
Ladies and Gentleman, the Fabulous Stains (Adler)
Stutz (Hill)
The Weather Underground (Green)
The Rainbow Man / John 3:16 (Green)
TFW NO GF (Moyer)
Dries (Holzemer)
See No Evil, Hear No Evil (Hiller)
Triangle of Sadness (Östlund)
The Last Pirates: Britain's Rebel DJs (Edwards)
The Banshees of Inisherin (McDonagh)
We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (Schoenbrun)
The Vanishing (Sluizer)
Prom Night (Lynch)
Night Raiders (Goulet)
Mumblecore (Lin & Boyle)
The Sensual Nature of Sound: Laurie Anderson, Tania Leon, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros (Blackwood)
Grandma’s Boy (Goossen)
Vampire’s Kiss (Bierman)
France (Dumont)
The Wizard of Gore (Gordon Lewis)
The Driller Killer (Ferrara)
Keeping Score - Igor Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring (Kennard & Saffa)
The Double Life of Veronique (Kieślowski)
Onibaba (Shindo)
Graffiti Bridge (Prince)
Barbarian (Cregger)
David Byrne’s American Utopia (Lee)
The Last House on the Left (Craven)
Hymn of Dust (Downey)
Go-Rilla Means War (Campbell)
Modern Times (Chaplin)
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (Van Sant)
Diabolique (Clouzot)
Americans in Bed (Robinson)
Je Tu Il Elle (Akerman)
Meet the Fockers (Roach)
Meet the Parents (Roach)
IRA - Behind the Mask (Martin)
The Game Changers (Psihoyos)
Old (Shyamalan)
In A Year of 13 Moons (Fassbinder)
Terminal USA (Mortisugu)
Little Darlings (Maxwell)
Night Moves (Penn)
Keyboard Fantasies (Dixon)
Assholes (Vack)
About Endlessness (Andersson)
We Met In Virtual Reality (Hunting)
Project x (Nourizaeh)
300 (Snyder)
Hustle (Zagar)
Top Ten Monks (Perry)
My Wrongs #8245–8249 & 117 (Morris)
The Man Who Knew Too Much (Hitchcock)
The Bob’s Burger’s Movie (Bouchard + Derriman)
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters (Schrader)
Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe (Calleros + Rice)
Jefftowne (Kraus)
Tie Me Up! Time Me Down! (Almodóvar)
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (Zenovich)
Buried (Cortés)
Memoria (Weerasethakul)
Top Gun: Maverick (Kosinski)
The Grateful Dead Movie (Garcia + Gast)
The Last Temptation of Christ (Scorsese)
Steve.Oedekerk.Com (Oedekerk)
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (Jude)
Thir13en Ghosts (Beck)
Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (Orner)
Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special (Macdonald)
Shogun Assassin (Misumi + Houston)
Sour Grapes (Atlas + Rothwell)
RRR (Rajamouli)
Kes (Loach)
Suntan (Papadimitropoulos)
Jackass 4.5 (Termaine)
Electronicle 1980 (PBS)
I Shot Andy Warhol (Harron)
Songs for Drella (Lachman)
A Scanner Darkly (Linklater)
Ulysses Jenkins: Without Your Interpretation (Anderson)
Cast Away (Zemeckis)
The Firemen’s Ball (Forman)
Disturbia (Caruso)
Coonskin (Bakshi)
Private Parts (Thomas)
Love and Mercy (Pohlad)
Beyond the Visible - Hilma Af Klint (Dyrschka)
Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy (Hamaguchi)
Rain Man (Levinson)
Mulholland Drive (Lynch)
The Maltese Falcon (Huston)
Raw (Ducournau)
Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off (Jones)
Jigoku (Nakagawa)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Zwick)
The Guitar Mongoloid (Östlund)
Everything Everywhere All At Once (Daniels)
Ste. Anne (Vermette)
Train to Busan (Sang-ho)
Hannah in April (Tetewsky + Pikovsky)
Mon Oncle (Tati)
Terror Nullius (Soda_Jerk)
Devil’s Playground (Walker)
Chocolat (Hallström)
People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan (Clough)
Terra Femme (Stephens)
Le Havre (Kaurismäki)
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (Parker + Stone)
Objectified (Hustwit)
The Batman (Reeves)
Ocean’s Twelve (Soderbergh)
Ocean’s Eleven (Soderbergh)
Jackass Forever (Termaine)
Tokyo Grandfathers (Kon)
La Cérémonie (Chabrol)
Where Does A Body End? (Porsia)
Personal Shopper (Assayas)
Kagemusha (Kurosawa)
Babylon (Rosso)
Mimic (Del Toro)
Lost Twin Cities (PBS)
Summer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) (Questlove)
Drive My Car (Hamaguchi)
In Bruges (McDonagh)
La Région Centrale (Snow)
The Hitcher (Harmon)
Love Liza (Louiso)
Grindland (Burnett)
Four Lions (Morris)
Party Monster (Bailey, Barbato)
In The Bathtub of the World (Zahedi)
Pig (Sarnoski)
State Funeral (Loznitsa)
The Worst Person in the World (Trier)
Radio On (Petit)
Don’t Look Up (McKay)
The Green Ray (Rohmer)
Moments Like These Never Last: Dash Snow Documentary (Dunn)
The Deer Hunter (Cimino)
Dirty Work (Saget)
Stalker (Tarkovsky)

2022 ^

Licorice Pizza (Anderson)
The Scary of Sixty-First (Nekrasova)
The Shop Around The Corner (Lubitsch)
Violent Cop (Kitano)
Portrait of Jason (Clarke)
King of New York (Ferrara)
Rick, Michele, and Scarlett (Sharp)
Flat is Beautiful (Benning)
Guest of Cindy Sherman (Hasegawa-Overacker)
Asako I & II (Hamaguchi)
Blue (Jarman)
Fantastic Fungi (Schwartzberg)
El Planeta (Ulman)
Aguirre, The Wrath of God (Herzog)
North Hollywood (Alfred)
His House (Weekes)
Hubie Halloween (Brill)
The French Dispatch (Anderson)
Angst (Kargl)
Dune (Villeneuve)
Rat Film (Anthony)
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (Dugan)
No Data Plan (Revereza)
La Cienaga (Martel)
The Baldies (PBS)
If One Thing Matters - A Film About Wolfgang Tillmans (Kalmbach)
Jennifer’s Body (Kusama)
The Panic in Needle Park (Schatzberg)
Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History (Parts 1 - 20) (Samuel)
The Co-op Wars (PBS)
Lights in the Dusk (Kaurismäki)
Knives Out (Johnson)
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (Haynes)
Full Capacity (Morril + Salacuse)
The Original Kings of Comedy (Lee)
Wiener-Dog (Solondz)
The Gleaners and I (Varda)
Chevalier (Tsangari)
My Brother’s Wedding (Burnett)
When It Rains (Burnett)
Sideways (Payne)
Blow Out (De Palma)
Untold: Malice at the Palace (Russ)
Tokyo Noise (Röed, Söderberg, Petri)
My Dinner With Andre (Malle)
After Modernism: The Dilemma of Influence (Blackwood)
Skydiver (Kotlyarenko)
For Your Consideration (Guest)
Notting Hill Carnival 83 - 86 (Jewell)
Space Jam 2 (Lee)
Two Thousand Maniacs (Gordon Lewis)
Lightning Bolt: The Power of Salad and Milkshakes (Glantz + Noe)
Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides (Bagley + Shively)
Putney Swope (Downey Sr.)
Wildwood, NJ (Leitman + Cassidy)
Our Hobby is Depeche Mode (Deller)
Chinatown (Polanski)
In the Heights (Chu)
Female Trouble (Waters)
Kajillionaire (July)
Somm (Wise)
Bo Burnham: Inside (Burnham)
Man Push Cart (Bahrani)
Bad Trip (Sakurai)
Love in the Afternoon (Rohmer)
Another Round (Vinterberg)
The Booksellers (Young)
Unpregnant (Goldenberg)
Gomorrah (Garrone)
Kiss the Ground (Tickell)
Jojo Rabbit (Waititi)
What We Do in the Shadows (Waititi, Clement)
The Amityville Horror (Rosenberg)
Daises (Chytilová)
The Louvre (Sughrue)
Band of Outsiders (Godard)
Mayor (Osit)
Rusty Knife (Masuda)
The King of Comedy (Scorsese)
The Corndog Man (Shea)
This Is Not A Film (Panahi)
Demonlover (Assayas)
Shiva Baby (Seligman)
Kippenberger (Kobel)
Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists (Wells)
The Daytrippers (Mottola)
Dementia (Parker)
Big Trouble in Little China (Carpenter)
Can’t Get You Out of My Head - Part 3: Money Changes Everything (Curtis)
Minari (Chung)
Weekend (Haigh)
Police Story 2 (Chan)
Police Story (Chan)
Wild Strawberries (Bergman)
The King of Staten Island (Apatow)
Suburbia (Spheeris)
Can’t Get You Out of My Head - Part 2: Shooting and Fucking Are the Same Thing (Curtis)
Hush (Flanagan)
Yung Lean: In My Head (Burman)
Can’t Get You Out of My Head - Part 1: Bloodshed on Wolf Mountain (Curtis)
Always for Pleasure (Blank)
Ghost in the Shell (Oshii)
We Are (Kotlyarenko)
Hands on a Hardbody (Bindler)
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Jackson)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Jackson)
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Jackson)
Soleil Ô (Hondo)
Ártún (Guðmundsson)
Weather Diary 3 (Kuchar)
Misery (Reiner)
Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller)
Pedal (Sutherland)
World on a Wire (Fassbinder)
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (Achbar + Wintonick)

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